Exploring the world of Tepnathko

You may have never heard of Tepnathko, and that would be totally understandable. Tepnathko is a fantastic world I created out of my imagination.


Tepnathko is situated on a small planet outside our solar system. It consists in 15 islands gathered together in the Tepnathkoian quadrant: a strand of sea between two continents. The islands are all inhabited and vary in size. You can learn more at the geography of this world by examining the map below.

A map of the world of Tepnathko, featuring the strand of sea between the 2 continents and the 15 islands of the world.

The people of Tepnathko are called the Tepnathiens. Tepnathiens litterally mean “people of the sea”. Each island has it’s own tribe, with their own culture. Despite their differences the people of Tepnathko have always lived in peace. They don’t interfere with one another nor do they try to interact with people from the continent.

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