It’s pronounced “Ah-Lee”Zay” 😉

Hi, I'm Alizée

I am an experienced French SEO consultant and digital marketing specialist. My job is to help your business grow on the internet through search engine optimisation and website improvements.

My work focuses on making websites better for users through valuable and effective content delivered on fast-loading pages. I guide my clients with a long-term vision and an anti-FOMO* policy.

I like working with humans who bring good vibes and joy into this world – we need it!

* Fear Of Missing Out

Juste a quick heads-up, this website is currently undergoing some changes.

    What I do

    For businesses

    I help companies grow on the web and gain better visibility on search engines.

    For agencies

    Need an extra hand for a big project? Insights from a native to help your client conquer the French market? Or maybe you prefer outsourcing some areas of work? I’ve got you covered!

    For students

    Nowadays, preparing students for the complicated world they’ll face is not about filling their heads with knowledge, but teaching them methods and strategies they can use to navigate through their careers.

    People I have worked with

    I have been fortunate to work with fantastic people in industries such as higher education, consumer goods, private aviation and transportation, IT, coaching, and even pet supplies. That’s what I love about my job: the variety!

    Okay, but who am I really?

    And we are done with the corporate homepage information. Congrats for reading through! I hope you found some interesting things, and that you checked out some of the links I included, especially my services’ pages.

    As you may have guessed right now, I am a proud freelancer. I trust that when you choose to work with someone, it’s for their skillset and expertise, but also for who they are. So here are some bits about me so you can get to know me a little better and see if I could be a good fit for your project.

    What I believe in

    I promise I’ll try not to make this section too cringe, but at the end of the day, it’s our values that bring us together.

    • 🦄 Curiosity is the foundation of the internet.
    • 🍀 Empathy goes a long way.
    • 🍰 There’s enough cake for everyone to get a good slice of it.

    What I do when I don’t work

    I really love my desk, but there always comes a time where I just need to stop staring at my screen and check out what IRL life has to offer. Here’s what you can expect we talk about if we go off-topic in a meeting – let’s be real, it happens:
    🪴 Houseplants – I have ~17 right now, some uncommon, some really fun, some that like to act like true divas!
    ☕️ Coffee – I basically turn coffee beans into euros.
    👩🏻‍🍳 Cooking – I’m a foodie at heart 😋
    📓 Journaling – I’ve been a bujo addict for many years, my journal is the first thing I take with me wherever I go.
    🎨 Digital art – I really enjoy drawing on my iPad, I even have an Instagram account dedicated to that!
    🚲 Biking – I live in the #1 French city for biking – yes, it’s pretty flat.
    🥾 Hiking – Long walks in the forests of the Vosges mountains are the best!
    🛠 Crafting – If I can’t find something or if shops are closed, I’ll probably just do it myself.
    📚 Reading – My Kindle follows me everywhere.

    Now what?

    Wow, you’ve made to the end! Okay, so now you’re here, you can read a bit more about my SEO services for businesses, how I work with agencies, or things I teach. You can also book a call with me to chat about your project!