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Every week I share no more than 3 hands-on resources that I carefully handpick from the top-experts and best practitioners in SEO and digital marketing. You won’t find FOMO inducing theories and convoluted predictions in these posts. I want to help you build long-lasting SEO and digital marketing strategies with proven methods you can implement today. Previous editions can be found here.


In the traditional French way, I have been sending my New Year wishes to my professional contacts a bit late. Well, in France, there’s no issue to sending them until late January 🤷‍♀️ I’ve had lovely responses from former colleagues and clients, which is great!

I have also been in contact with a few people to take on new projects. 🤞

As for The Pragmatic SEO, the newsletter is up and running! ✉️ It took me some time to figure out a few details. You can subscribe here.

In other news, I had my 30th birthday party this weekend 🎉 Booking a huge manor for a whole 2-day getaway trip with friends and family was definitely a good idea! 🥂


How to determine what content you should re-optimize on your website? How should you re-optimize it? What does content re-optimization does to your rankings?

Based on previous studies, content that is being actualized and completed with new information has good chances to rank higher and quicker.

In his guide, Jeff Baker explains how to find the keywords that are actually important to your business and how to find the right content to work on while avoiding cannibalization. On top of a complete methodology filled with examples, he also share the tools he uses to go through this process.


The good thing about SEO is that you get a lot of data. The bad thing about SEO… is that you get a lot of data. To better understand this volume of information and turn it into an actual plan of action, the simplest Google Sheets can do wonders.

In her article, Aleyda Solis shares how she uses Google Sheets for SEO tasks. Learn how to validate your 301 redirections, find which pages need links to improve their performance and validate the relevance of your metadata.


Most websites are not a one-person enterprise, and as marketers we are bound to work with those strange creatures that are developers. Okay, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. In fact, I live with one, and I came to realize developers were in fact very cool people!

If you are into technical SEO, or if you just want to better understand how the internet works, I highly recommend you have a chat once in a while with your dev team. Not only will you learn a lot, but you will also understand how they function and what their priorities are.

In this episode of Open Dialog, Sam Marsden chats with Jamie Alberico about her work as a Technical Website Consultant at Not A Robot and how she works effectively with developers.

Head to 23:57 to hear about working with developers. 😉

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