Every week I share no more than 3 hands-on resources that I carefully handpick from the top-experts and best practitioners in SEO and digital marketing. You won’t find FOMO inducing theories and convoluted predictions in these posts. I want to help you build long-lasting SEO and digital marketing strategies with proven methods you can implement today. Previous editions can be found here.

⏰ #Now - What I have been up to

This week was an admin week, dealing with a bit of taxes and some upgrades on this website. Thanks to some great feedback I got from Amelie Sörensen, I made the links a bit more readable, and I updated/upgraded some backend plugins. Next step is to add a subscription option to this blog post series and have it automatically sent as a newsletter.

I also had a great time reading about The Metaphysics and Linguistics of Emoji in an article shared by Jamie Alberico. The use of emoji through our everyday communication with one another is a topic I have been exploring and learning about since 2014 when my classmate and best friend started working on this topic for his Master’s thesis. If you have ever wondered how the different styles of one emoji on different devices can impact the emotion created within the conversation, this is worth a read.

👓 #Focus - The one thing you should check out

Aleyda Solís participated in the latest edition of PubCon and presented her list of Top Do’s and Dont’s for International SEO. Below are a few of her recommendations.

All the details for these recommendations can be found in Aleyda’s slides from the presentation.

PS: Aleyda also has a YouTube channel you should check out 😉

📺 #Listen - The podcast you should listen to

Competitor research in SEO can be a great opportunity for you to adapt your content. In this episode of the SEO SAS PodcastSarah and Hannah discuss what are the benefits of competitor research from keeping an eye on their performance to identifying new ideas for your content. They also talk about the items you should look at when doing competitor research, from featured snippets to backlinks and topic clustering.

Get right into the heart of the podcast at 2:50.

🤓 #Read - The best of SEO blogs

A few weeks ago I shared a post about removing URLs from indexing to optimize the crawl budgetKevin Indig shared a step-by-step guide to pruning your URLs with SEMrush.

The guide is very thorough with helping you understand which URLs and underperforming and what you should do with them. Apart from setting them to meta=noindex,  you can also merge similar content, have 301 redirects from one page to the other, or work on updating/upgrading the content.

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