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As a French SEO consultant, I often collaborate with digital marketing agencies on projects that require SEO expertise or bilingual French-English input. Whether it is to diversify your offer to include SEO packages or have input from a French-speaking SEO freelancer on international SEO projects, feel free to get in touch!

Using my expertise where it's the most valuable to you

Why choose to work with a French native SEO consultant?

When it comes to improving on your website’s performance, you have a few options: hire an agency, take on a new employee, learn to do it all by yourself, or invest in a freelance SEO consultant. While each solution has its pros and cons, I believe the latter is probably the most adapted to your situation. (you knew I was going to say that, right?)

As someone who understands what’s involved when growing a business online, I tailor my work to your exact needs, creating an exclusive service, whether it’s for a specific project or on an ongoing basis. My goal is to help you create a sustainable business that will serve you in the long run. I focus on the big picture and won’t make shiny promises I can’t keep. If we work together, you will quickly notice that I tend to simplify contacts to make communication as smooth as possible on both ends. I don’t withhold information, I am quite passionate about what I do (I know everyone says that but believe me, I’m nerdy) and teaching others about SEO and digital marketing is simply part of the collaboration process.

Together, we’ll craft the most effective and sustainable strategy for you. We will use proven techniques and innovations that will turn your website into a valuable asset for your business and will benefit you for the years to come.

Growing your one keyword at a time.

Previous work with agencies

I worked with BuiltVisible early 2020 on international SEO projects.

One was about optimising on-page content (title, meta description and headings) for the French market for over 70 URLs of a major car rental company’s website.

The second project was focused on keyword research for a machine learning and big data analysis company. It involved researching and translating over 1800 keywords, finding search volumes for each one and CPC.

At Builtvisible, we worked with Alizée in on a couple of SEO projects. Initially, our brief was optimising on-page content for SEO purposes, for the French market, on over 70 URLs. Alizée was an absolute pleasure to work with, very flexible with regards to scoping work, timely in delivery and wonderfully communicative throughout the project - and post-delivery. The standard of work supplied was fantastic. I will absolutely be seeking Alizée out for future projects, and would highly recommend her!

Megan Ketterer, Senior Account Manager


I worked with the Erudite agency team in 2020 on an international SEO projet for a fitness accessories company. The key focus was on keyword research for the brand for the French market, including:

  • Categorising user search intent for each keyword
  • Finding search volumes
  • Identify the current ranking URL for each keyword
  • Make recommendations on the adequate URL for each keyword based on user intent
I also optimised on-page content (title and meta description) for 30 top priority pages and gathered the key recommendations for the French market in a presentation for the client.

I worked with Alizee on some metadata optimisation for a French client. She was quick to respond, took feedback really well and delivered the work on time.

Miracle Inameti-Archibong, Head of SEO


What next?

First of all, I am really thrilled you are interested in working with me and can’t wait to learn more about your projects!

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