Content repurposing: recycle content you already have!

I published a class on content repurposing!

I have been working on two new projects lately, that work hand in hand. The first is a podcast about digital nomads, a topic I have been passionate about for the past five years. You can find detail about it here. The second one is teaching online. I am a firm believer that education and information are the most important things the internet has brought to the world and I wanted to participate in that.

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A couple of months ago, I was contacted by the Skillshare teaching team to collaborate to the platform as a teacher. I have experience in teaching IRL, but I hadn’t tried online teaching yet. I figured it was finally time for me to give it a go.

As it turned out, the launch of my podcast implied working with new methods: I learned (and I am still learning) to record audio, edit it, and publish it. I relied on Skillshare to learn these new skills and thus, already knew quite well the platform. I also got to use skills I hadn’t practised in some time like creating a brand from scratch, creating videos for social media, growing an audience on Instagram, building a community, creating a website from scratch and optimising it the way I intended, and using the content I had created to its maximum potential.

That’s where content repurposing comes in. I listened and studied hours of podcasts to understand how others were using recorded audio to their advantage. One huge inspiration was, of course, Gary Vaynerchuk, who mastered the subject long ago. I then created a complete process, that gets improved episode after episode, to create tens of pieces of content from one long podcast episode, easily shareable on social media and built for engagement.

During the process, I spoke to a few people about my content strategy and looked in depth at what other podcasters were doing. I found out most people didn’t know about content repurposing or didn’t use it. Most of the content is published once and advertised once, but not used to its maximum potential. That’s when I started working on the class.

Since I wanted to try teaching online, I decided to create a first class on content repurposing. The course is aimed at people who want to try content repurposing but don’t know where to start, marketers or business owners who have long-form content already published that wish to make the most out of it.

The class is short and concise — 15 minutes long, with many practical examples from my own experience with this method. It is focused on using long-form content to create multiple smaller ones. I plan on creating another class about creating long-form content from different small ones. More on that later 🙂

The class is only accessible to premium users, but by following this link, you will get 2 months for free. You can cancel at any time 🙂

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Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash