Venice is like Vegas

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I was lucky to visit Las Vegas in 2016. I found the city just as crazy as it was sold to me for years on TV shows and other American movies. I arrived there by plane, and the sight of this city coming from nowhere in the middle of the desert was completely surreal.

You see, cities are often placed in logical areas, where first populations had access to resources like fertilized land and water. Vegas doesn’t tick the boxes. It wasn’t meant to be, yet here it is, in all its extravagance.

I visited Venice in December last year, and I had a similar feeling. Not that the city wasn’t meant to be: Venice is built on islands of a lagoon which provided protection for the city and important commerce opportunities. This time, the surreal feeling came from the constructions. You see, most of the city is built on stilts. One of the churches near San Marco’s place is built on 1 million wooden stilts. The church is magnificent and decorated with tons of marble.

If Las Vegas could be built in the modern ages by bringing water and resources in the middle of the desert, I still have a hard time to imagine people over a thousand years ago building a magical city on wooden stilts, that is still up to this day.

Venice is sinking in the lagoon, slowly enough so that you should be able to visit it before you die, provided global warming hasn’t drowned it before. Also, starting next summer, there will be a tax for all tourists entering the city. The ancient city is slowly but surely turning into an open-air museum, but the trip is well worth the money, believe me!

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