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Do you feel confused when you search for information on SEO? Are you fed up of reading the same clickbait posts about trends and unverified changes about search engines algorithms?

Every Tuesday, you will receive in your inbox no more than 3 hands-on resources that I carefully handpick from the top-experts and best practitioners in SEO and digital marketing. You won’t find FOMO inducing theories and convoluted predictions in these emails. I want to help you build long-lasting SEO and digital marketing strategies with proven methods you can implement today.

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I have mentored interns and entry-level coworkers in digital marketing and SEO, and have worked with inspiring and entrepreneurs interested in SEO as a means to grow their business.

The two questions that always come up are:

  • Where do I find valuable, hands-on information?
  • How do I avoid getting overwhelmed by the ever-changing nature of digital marketing?

The purpose of this newsletter/weekly blog post is to answer both questions every Tuesday, with no more than 3 resources carefully hand-picked by me from the top experts and best practitioners in the field, guaranteed with hands-on advice and methods for your digital marketing strategy. I promise you the information you will find is applicable and pragmatic, away from the FOMO inducing theories that won’t get you anywhere. I want to help you build long-lasting digital marketing and SEO strategies with proven methods you can implement today.

I’d love to tell you this is part of my grand plan to dominate the world, or I might tell you I am doing this only out of pure generosity. The truth lies somewhere in between. If one of the resources I share with you helps you grow your business online, then my mission is accomplished. If you come to believe I am the right person to help you grow your business even better, and want to hire me, then I’ll be over the moon!

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You can directly reply to the email with your impressions and feedback, or contact me here. I might also include a survey once in a while at the bottom of the newsletter to better understand what type of information you found the most useful.

You can either subscribe to the newsletter and comfortably get the information directly in your inbox each week, or set a reminder to check my blog once a week to read the latest editions. If you are more a « catch up all at once » kind of person, you can find all the previous editions here. If you follow me on social media, you should also stumble upon my posts each week. 🙂

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