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Welcome to the very first edition of this weekly blog post about SEO and digital marketing.

I have mentored interns and entry-level coworkers in digital marketing and SEO, and have worked with inspiring and entrepreneurs interested in SEO as a means to grow their business. The two questions that always come up are:

  • Where do I find valuable, hands-on information?
  • How do I avoid getting overwhelmed by the ever-changing nature of digital marketing?

The purpose of this blog post is to answer both questions every week, more likely every Tuesday, with no more than 3 resources carefully hand-picked by me from the top experts and best practitioners in the field, guaranteed with hands-on advice and methods for your digital marketing strategy. I promise you the information you will find is applicable and pragmatic, away from the FOMO inducing theories that won’t get you anywhere. I want to help you build long-lasting digital marketing and SEO strategies with proven methods you can implement today.

This format was inspired by Stéphanie Walter‘s Pixels of the Week, a weekly post full of brilliant links around UX and UI that I highly recommend checking out. 👍

Okay, now let's get right to it.

⏰ #Now – What I have been up to

Well, first of all, I started this new weekly project and it is very exciting! A few weeks ago I also got LASIK surgery and I just moved back in Strasbourg. We still have no internet and no plates to eat on, but we do have new desks in a dedicated home office room! 🏡

👓 #Focus – The one thing you should check out

Did you know that customers who search for information directly on your website are 5 to 6 times more likely to convert? JP Sherman, Head of Findability at RedHat, gave a talk at the Optimisey Meetup about How to Optimize Your On-Site Search.

🤓 #Read – The best of the SEO blogs

We have all been short of content ideas at some point. What more can you tell your audience to convince them? What are they interested in? Should you be exploring a new topic?

Nicolai Boroda offers an updated solution in his article How to Generate Content Ideas with Topic Research on the SEMrush blog. He goes through the different steps of topic research and crafting headlines that will resonate with your audience.

This piece is definitely worth a read if you have been lacking inspiration lately, or if you feel like your content isn’t resonating with your audience the way it used to be.

🎧 #Listen – The podcast you should listen to

In Deepcrawl’s podcast Open Dialog, Sam Marsden interviews Areej Abuali, Technical SEO Manager at Zoopla and founder of Women in Tech SEO. They discussed the difficulty of having SEO recommendations implemented, the differences between working at an agence VS in-house and improving your coding skills.

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