I have been blogging on and off since 2007. In place of my shameful teen-years blog – that has thankfully disappeared from the surface of the web since then 🙏, I now write about SEO, digital marketing and freelancing.

Get more clicks on mobile results pages

Make your Search Results on Mobile More Clickable and Improve your CTR, Use your Discontinued Products to your Advantage in your E-Commerce SEO, and Scrape Google Search Features with XPath.

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Site architecture for SEO

A Guide to Site Architecture for SEOs, a Tool to Identify Emerging Topics for your Content and Examples of Fake News for Link Buildings, or Linkbait.

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Optimize your on-site search

In this week's resources: How to Optimize your On-Site Search with JP Sherman, a blog post on How to Generate Content Ideas with Topic Research and a podcast with Areej Abuali.

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