I have been blogging on and off since 2007. In place of my shameful teen-years blog – that has thankfully disappeared from the surface of the web since then 🙏, I now write about SEO, digital marketing and freelancing.

A post-lockdown update

I took time to reflect on the lockdown, how it affected my work, productivity and projects. There's also a bit on future projects and a bonus cookie recipe. 🍪

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Get more clicks on mobile results pages

Make your Search Results on Mobile More Clickable and Improve your CTR, Use your Discontinued Products to your Advantage in your E-Commerce SEO, and Scrape Google Search Features with XPath.

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Site architecture for SEO

A Guide to Site Architecture for SEOs, a Tool to Identify Emerging Topics for your Content and Examples of Fake News for Link Buildings, or Linkbait.

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Optimize your on-site search

In this week's resources: How to Optimize your On-Site Search with JP Sherman, a blog post on How to Generate Content Ideas with Topic Research and a podcast with Areej Abuali.

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