Has vlogging become boring now that Casey Neistat has left the game?

Casey Neistat is the best vlogger. He stopped vlogging on the 19th November 2016 after nearly 600 videos posted on YouTube.

If you’ve never heard of him, you should check it out.

Like many fans, watching Casey Neistat vlogs was part of my daily routine. A daily dose of positivism packed with good music and beautiful pictures.


I love vlogs for a couple of reasons:

  1. The word vlog is a funny word. Vlog is a contraction between video and blog, and both are cool. So vlogs ought to be cool².
  2. Vlogs are like many things on the Internet: you don’t need them in your life and most of them won’t make a difference until you find the one that changes your perspective.
  3. Vloggers — and daily vloggers in particular — manage to create entertaining content by just living their life.

Vlogs prove you can always find something interesting in your day, and if you don’t, you can make it happen. That’s what Casey Neistat did for nearly 600 days in a row.


It made me hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

The vloggers’ community is huge and anyone can vlog. One just needs a camera and something to share. But daily vloggers are different. Daily vloggers share content based on their life with their audience EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Their commitment is insane.

Such an engagement towards oneself and towards a community requires great organization and creativity. Casey Neistat has both. His entire environment is built for his productivity. With time, he created a whole new style of vlogging, with different themes (Q&As, podcasts, travel vlogs, etc.) and a way of creating a context like no one.


His vlogging style is so recognizable and appealing, I just can’t switch to another vlogger to fill in my routine gap. I’ve watched other vloggers, but I just can’t get used to another video editing style, often lacking rhythm and quality.

Casey Neistat vlogging has brought vlogs to very high standards. Vlogs used to be boring and unaesthetic, they are now proof that great content can be created daily if you really commit to it.

The end of Casey Neistat vlogs is like the end of Friends, it’s sad, but you got plenty of it and you’ll be happy to watch an old episode once in a while.


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