5 Updates Pokémon GO has to do to last

This article first appeared on my blog.

Pokemon GO has been all over the place for two weeks now and has had a tremendous success. Appart from the obvious bug corrections, Pokémon GO will have to do some updates to keep up with the increasing demand. From a marketers point of view and Pokéfan, here are 5 updates Pokémon GO needs to do to keep progressing.

Add new generations of Pokémons

For the moment, there are 151 Pokémons to find all over the world. That’s only the first generation of Pokémons. Other generations have been released through the years, with more than a thousand creatures overall today. Pokémon GO will have to release new generations of Pokémons now and then to prevent its players from boredom.

New PokéStops and gyms in small cities and in the countryside

The lack of PokéStops and gyms in small cities and countrysides is a major problem that might prevent new players from staying on the app. Pokémon GO will have to copy the collaborative process Niantic used with Ingress, enabling players to add points of interest on the app. Players will feel more involved in the app development and rural players will experience the same quality of gaming as city players.

Rethink the Pokemon catching process

In its actual form, catching a Pokémon results in throwing a Pokéball at it. It’s kind of a mini basketball game. Simple enough for everyone to get it, but maybe a little too simple. Players might get bored of it. Pokémon GO should think about other ways to catch Pokémons, they should diversify the catching process. Adding other mini games that would appear randomly or depending on the Pokémon type is a simple solution that will help the community to keep up with the game.

Organise challenges for teams

As it is today, there’s not much difference between the teams. They are just colors you represent when fighting for a gym. Teams should be more than colors, and bring together real communities, with shared values and goals. Creating challenges for teams can help people get together and bring another dimension to the teams.

Offer tours in partnerships with local tourism offices to promote a city

Pokémon GO’s business model is yet to be discovered. Sponsorships are already on track for the app, in order to transform local businesses into PokéStops. I’m sure we’ll see Pokémon tours coming to cities. Tourists could discover the city in a whole new way, and still play the game. Pokémon GO could also offer special Pokémons to find on the tour !

Niantic and The Pokémon Company have successfully launched the Pokémon GO app. But they need to keep up with their worldwide players to prevent them from getting bored. It’s a true challenge they have to face and I hope they’ll manage to make the game last.

2 weeks of Pokemon GO in Paris

Pokemon GO logo

My feelings after 2 weeks of playing Pokemon GO in Paris.

This article first appeared on my blog.

As a typical 90’s nostalgic geek, I was thrilled to try out the new Pokemon GO app. I got it the very first day it was out, on the 6th July. Here are my feelings about this game, based on two weeks of playing in Paris.

Paris is full of rats, pigeons and bats

As in many big cities in the world, you will find a lot of Pidgeys, Rattatas and Zubats in Paris. I don’t know of it’s kind of a joke for the developers, but it really feels like it was done on purpose.

A gym in Paris will change team a couple of time per day

And even more on strategic places ! There’s one close to my work place that is taken over more than 3 times in average only during lunch time, each day. Things move really fast in the French capital !

You’ll never miss out of PokeBalls

PokeBalls can be found at Pokéstops. Good news, you’ll always have enough to go on playing for hours. Just don’t forget to farm now and then.

I discovered new places

The great thing about Pokemon Go is that you have to walk around the city to play. That way, I discovered loads of new places in Paris. I also started to pay attention to small details of the city. You know, those small things that make your day better once you realize they were always here.

It’s harder to find Pokéstops in small cities

I’ve been away from Paris a couple of days last weekend. Turns out there’s less PokéStops in small cities. For example, I was staying in a 4500 inhabitants city near the Atlantic coast. I could only find 3 PokéStops in the whole place. In Paris, I have two within reach of my flat, and two others within reach of my office.

But you should find a gym close enough

Speaking of this city I was staying at, there was a gym, located on a old church in the city center. In the end, even with few PokéStops around, you should be able to find and conquer a gym.

Playing Pokemon at work is possible

You just need a couple of tricks to maintain your device on all the time. Pokemons will come to you here and then. My coworkers think I’m a bit crazy, but it doesn’t affect my workflow so they are ok with it.

It gives me a reason to go out after work

Usually, I would just come home, eat, watch a movie and basically do nothing. Now, I (sometimes) take a walk at the end of the day to go catch Pokemons. I guess it’s healthier than staying on the couch right ?

It builds teamspirit between partners

My boyfriend and I help eachother in our Pokequest. I know it sounds a bit cheesy but it’s really fun to play the same game now and then.

Story Time 1: on our first week of playing, we were battling for a gym, located on some artwork. We were both leaning against a building, a couple past by and wished us a good match ! Those kind of situations are awkward at first, but get really funny with time.

Story Time 2: I found myself chasing Bulbasaur in the Jardin des Plantes with 100 other Pokemon trainers. People were shouting « Dratiniii!! » « Eeveeeeeee!! » all around the parc, and people would run in that direction. We were a bunch of geeks having fun in a parc, like 10 years old. The parc closes at 8pm. So security asked us to leave at 7:45pm. Players started to argue to stay longer in the parc and continue playing. I had never experienced a scene like this ! It was so much fun !

So here are my feelings after 2 weeks of Pokemon GO playing around Paris. What are yours ? Do you experience the same thing in your own cities around the world ?