Hit ‘Publish’

Today’s words are going to serve me as a reminder for later. A little pinch of truth to get back to whenever I feel like nothing is perfect enough.

Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash

Dear future me,

For months you were afraid of publishing anything, torn between wanting to be recognized as some sort of expert in your industry and being scared of people might think of you if you dared to put anything you created out there.

But here’s the thing: NO ONE CARES. No one cares if you publish something, no one cares if it isn’t perfect. No one cares if you are not politically correct or if you didn’t cite all your sources. You are not writing a doctoral thesis, you are not a renown author everyone expects a lot of, you are not a brilliant mind that will change the world in two sentences.

And if anyone did care, they would not dare say a thing. Why? Because they probably didn’t do as much as you did. They probably didn’t commit to writing what you wrote. They definitely don’t have your background and experience. No one has the capacity to write or create what you create, the way you create it. Only you have this power. And if it can help out just one person, wherever and whenever that is, then you were right to hit that ‘publish’ button, even if it was not the best piece you ever put out there. At least you gave someone else that might need it the possibility to read it.

You were told all your life to do things right, to hand out good copies, to have full marks and to do your best. Let me tell you something: in this day and age where everything goes way faster than anybody can handle, and where you made life choices that brought you the freedom you strived for, you are not meant to hand out perfect things all the time. You just cannot be perfect all the time. There is no graduation system in life and no one will be proud of you if you are not proud of yourself to start with. Very few people are capable of understanding what you are going through today, and they are not your parents, they are not your siblings, they are not your family, they are not your friends, they are not your former colleagues. They are only people that made similar life choices and that have the same ambitions as you do. Those are the not the people you can compare yourself to, but the ones you can get inspired by, and the ones you can expect valuable feedback from.

You are both creative and analytical, this is your biggest strength. Your experience is unique and highly valuable, you can trust yourself to find solutions to any situation. So hit the damn ‘publish’ button already and move on to the next thing on your to-do list.

Maybe what I wrote to myself today can help you too. If that’s the case, let me know how in the comments. As you just read, I need to be work on asking feedback to others 🙂

First published here: https://200wordsaday.com/words/hit-publish-76975c596421f2fd3