The content curation tool I have been dreaming of

I have a content curation problem.

I love content, I love reading articles on the web, watching inspiring videos on YouTube, I love discovering them, I love sharing them. Through the past couple of years, I have piled up dozens of sources for all this content. Whether it is blogs, content aggregation websites, newsletters, social media, one to one sharing with friends on Messenger, or even Chrome extensions, I have way too much content sources to keep up with.

My curation process

As of today, my “curation process” goes as follows:

  1. I stumble upon an article on one of my numerous sources
  2. I read it and find it interesting enough to be shared with my followers
  3. I hit the share button (which is always somewhere when I read on mobile) and choose one of the following tools:
  • Buffer for Twitter or LinkedIn sharing
  • Messenger for sharing with a friend or a group of friends
  • Pocket/Inbox (save to Inbox feature) when I want to keep it for later.

On Desktop, I copy/paste the link to another website, or Buffer, or save to Pocket/Inbox.

4. Then I prepare the post, insert the right hashtags, write a caption, rewrite it to make it fit in a tweet, select a picture from the article, upload it, and finally hit “share”.

This process is WAY TOO LONG. I have difficulty squeezing it into my schedule, and I often end up doing it on Sunday nights before going to bed. And I haven’t even mentioned how I deal with reading lists that don’t seem to end…

Too many options

I mentioned a couple of tools and sources I use in this process, but in reality, there are way more. Here are some of them:



See? I really do HAVE a problem!

They all have pros and cons and are all pretty good at what they do. They just don’t do the right thing for me.

How I tweet

My tweets always have the same structure :

#maintopic: Why I liked this article and what you’ll learn. #othertopic [link to the article] [picture from the article]

According to the main topic hashtag, my tweets are then shared automatically on LinkedIn. I only share on LinkedIn tweets about entrepreneurship, social media or digital marketing for example. Also, my tweets with a link are automatically added to my Refind page.

This current automation process has its limits and doesn’t solve the problem.

The app I need

I need a tool that is as easy to use on mobile and on a desktop, on which I set up my Tweet structure. I then want my “curation process” to be as follows:

  1. I stumble upon an article on one of my numerous sources
  2. I read it and find it interesting enough to be shared with my followers
  3. I hit the share button on mobile or on a Chrome extension and choose my “dream app”
  4. I tick one or both of the following options:
  • Share with friends
  • Share with followers

5a. I choose “Share with friends”, I get to choose to which friends or groups I want to share the link to the article and send (on Messenger most probably).

5b. I choose “Share to followers”, tick the related topic in a custom list, the first on I tick becomes #maintopic and the others #othertopics, the link is automatically added and the best picture from the article uploaded to my tweet, a suggested caption appears based on my writing style (thanks, AI!) which I can edit if needed. I hit send, and my tweet is automatically posted at the best moment for my followers to see.

It still seems a little bit complicated. If you have a simpler solution, please let me know in the comments!

Do you share the same problem, or is it just me?

Does such a tool exist?

Has AI finally reached the magical world of content curation?

What does your content curation process look like?

Any advice?

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